Veepee draws your attention


Fake job offers illegally made in the name of Veepee are currently circulating on social networks and instant messaging applications. Veepee never contacts candidates via this type of platform and would never ask a candidate for money. Veepee reminds you that all its job offers (internships, work-study programmes, fixed-term contracts, permanent contracts, freelancers, temporary workers) are only available on the Veepee careers site, on the Veepee LinkedIn page or on official recruitment sites (e.g. Indeed).

The vente-privee group has consolidated its various European brands, together made up of 5000 employees, under one unified conglomerate: VEEPEE. This coalescence marks a new chapter in its European history. Present in 10 countries now, Veepee is taking a leading role in the European digital commerce landscape.

Shake up your routine
at Veepee

Teamwork at the heart of your success

Nothing great in life is achieved without the help of others. At Veepee, you’ll find your place in a rich, stimulating company environment.
When you join Veepee, you’ll meet interesting people and forge genuine links with your colleagues.

Juggle with technology in all your projects

When you join Veepee, you’ll be working at the cutting edge of the industry, developing the technologies of tomorrow to deliver the best shopping experience.
Digital technologies are the beat that moves our daily lives: at Veepee, they’re at the heart of everything we do.

Change your job without changing company

When you join Veepee, you’re investing in one career while giving yourself the chance to discover others further down the line.
You’ll be investing in your own work, and everything else you do here at Veepee. Never say never in life: here at Veepee, you can choose to build your career from a variety of professional areas.