Our sales teams are made up of more than 250 people, who negotiate nearly 15,000 annual event sales and shake hands on countless deals each year.

Sales executives generate business, attracting the best brands and negotiating advantageous offers for members. They use their talents in nurturing relationships on the international stage to drive the Group's growth.


The marketing department consists of more than 150 people, dreams up more than 80 communication campaigns a year and delivers more than 10,000 press write-ups to Veepee every year. What's its secret? It speaks in French but thinks in English. Or vice versa.

The marketing department is a place where talent meets communication, bringing the Veepee brand to life in the eyes of the public. It attracts and weaves special relationships with members, doing everything possible to help them indulge their taste for shopping.

Sales Production

Sales Production is a team of 800 people who create 6000 graphics a day, and wear more pairs of trainers than they have pairs of feet.

Sales Production is the "temple guardian", co-ordinating all sales and showing each brand off to its best advantage by creating a full set of dedicated visuals and content. It then continues to project sales internationally.


As the French Post Office's second-largest client, our logistics team ships 150,000 parcels a day through 10 logistics platforms accounting for 160,000 m2 of warehouses. Here today, gone tomorrow…

Logistics has been the reactor core powering Veepee from the very start of this adventure, delivering a growing number of parcels to a growing number of members across the whole of Europe, brightening the day of millions of people in the process.

Customer Service

The Member Relations Department team is made up of 700 employees and handles more than 9,000 member contacts per day via various media (calls, emails, social media). Voted the best customer service department for the 9th consecutive year by ESCDA, CSOY, Contact Center and ELSA, the Member Relations Department provides a 24/7 response in all countries where the group is established. You could say we're quite proud of it.

The Member Relations Department loves to help, working closely with all its partners and going the extra mile to provide a quick and effective response to members, whatever their request.
With one ear constantly to the ground, it is responsible for crafting the trust our members have in us.