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Business model

Founded in 2001 vente-privee.com was based on a simple yet revolutionary idea: to create daily exceptional sales events, in partnership with leading brands, on a limited time basis, with a limited number of products, sold at heavily discounted prices for industrial or promotional reasons, showcased in an attractive away, as part of a service that aims for excellence.
vente-privee.com represents the successful mutation of a long-established activity – clearance sales – through a revolutionary e-commerce model that has since been copied worldwide.


The sales events organised by Veepee are:

– Of limited duration (3 to 5 days)
– Organised in partnership with 6,000 leading brands
– Based on heavily discounted products (50%-70%)
– Reserved for the 50 million website members in 13 countries around the world


Giving even more meaning to the Veepee adventure
Established in the French department of Seine-Saint-Denis for 20 years, vente-privee has always worked to encourage development in an area that had long been cold-shouldered by entrepreneurs. Since 2009 vente-privee has further strengthened this commitment through its corporate foundation.
Developing social bonds and improving the quality of life of the most disadvantaged in the immediate Veepee environment
The Foundation assists associations and projects that benefit the local ecosystem, putting the emphasis on proximity and long-term support. Its priorities: education, access to culture and developing a sense of community. Another strong facet of the foundation is the direct implication of its staff. Each year more and more employees become involved in actions to help the local community, alongside the foundation.

témoignage Christine Kan

For more than two years I've been the godmother of Sherazade, who is 13 years old and attends the Pierre de Geyter school in Saint-Denis. I do my best to help her with her education and introduce her to other worlds, including the world of business, through exchanges and meetings. Once a month we go on a cultural outing: a play, a show, a museum visit, a cookery class, etc. Sometimes we take along my 8-year-old son.

Christine Kan

Deputy CEO i/c Sales, Europe | Veepee


At Veepee, diversity (gender equality, social or cultural diversity…) is part of our corporate culture, shared by all staff. 60% of the Veepee’s workforce in France are women. At Comex level, 40% of leaders are women.

Since September 2018 and “the law for freedom to choose his own professional future”, companies are now obliged to publish (every March, 1st) a “Gender Equality Index”. This index, which takes the form of a score out of 100, consists of five main indicators that assess the wage inequalities between women and men within companies.

The 2023 index for Veepee France is 89/100. We are actively working to further improve this score. And we are committed to continue our non-discrimination mindset, engraved in our DNA since the first days. Naturally implemented on a daily basis at Veepee, it is a key factor in our culture, which contributes nowadays to our international adventure.


Doing our bit for the environment, our employees and society

Veepee has defined its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy around 4 commitments for which it aims to “do its part”:

1. Giving products a second life,

2. Protecting the planet,

3. Developing employees and living better together,

4. Encouraging responsible behavior in our ecosystem (brands, members, indirect suppliers, etc.)


Find out more about our CSR policy and their results to answer to circular economy needs, carbon footprint reduction, and diversity promotion internally and externally.

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