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Hello, my name is Chloé Revollet and since January 2018, I’m a Business Analyst for vpTech with a VIE program in Amsterdam, Holland.

VIE means Volunteer for International Experience, it allows you to work for a French company outside of France for a flexible period of 6 to 24 months.

1. My story

wanted to do a VIE after my graduation but I didn’t have the opportunity. So, I decided to continue working in France.

I wished to go abroad to work as part of my professional project.

With the VIE, you have the possibility to do a working assignment between 6 and 24 months everywhere in the world for a French company so it was perfect for me! You can find VIE offers mainly on or directly on companies websites. The VIE period can be renewed once with a 2-year period. The working assignment is between the company, Business France and you.

Business France is in charge of the international expansion of French companies, international investments in France and of France’s economical promotion. I really appreciate the support of Business France because the organization makes sure that the assignment is going well. Furthermore, Business France Amsterdam develops an important VIE network with the Club VIE.

The biggest advantage of a VIE is to work abroad for a French company while keeping France benefits such as the social security. Business France takes also care of travel costs at the beginning and at the end of the VIE, … There are so many VIEs all over the world with different professions and fields like engineering, IT, communication, finance, marketing, business development etc …

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me !

My journey

I’m from Grenoble and I left to study in Dijon to do my master in a Business School where I specialize in Culture and creative industries.

Example of promoted book    

During my Master’s studies, I did a gap year during which I worked as an event project manager for a newspaper and as a press attaché assistant for the publishing house Actes Sud. My work was to create sales arguments, to guide authors in interviews and to help the press attachés to promote books on social networks.

I finished my master with an internship in internal communication then I continued with a fixed-term contract as an event project manager also in the research and IT field at Orange.

After the organization of a big exhibition, I worked for Alstom as a product promotion manager and I enjoyed it so much ! I was able to work with the Top Management, product managers and to promote Alstom products and solutions from motor to the entire tramway.

To sum up, I developed multiples experiences in marketing, in communication, in event management and data analysis while discovering new universes such as the press, the railroad industry and IT. It allowed me to adapt myself quickly to new work environments.

2. Why vente-privee and most important : why vpTech?

I wished to work for an innovative company, leader in its field with an international expansion.

vente-privee picked my interest because of the work done with the start-ups, the relationship with the brands, but also because of the importance it gives to customer service quality. In fact, vente-privee succeeds to adapt its offer to members’ needs and tastes.

Working in vpTech was a choice because of the job description. The missions of Business Analyst were really interesting. vpTech is in expansion and I wanted to be a part of it, to participate in its development and get its working.

3. Business Analyst job

What am I doing exactly ? A lot of things! There are so many subjects in this job, it often changes.

I’m in governance team at vpTech.

When I arrived, the idea was to review and structure the DSI organization by analyzing the procedures set up, see what we could improve and follow the DSI team and DSI projects evolution.

To do that, we frequently update the organigrams to handle the DSI teams, anticipate recruitment needs and to help users with timesheeting.

Since I arrived, I did many analysis on teams, vente-privee costs and budget to understand the gaps between the budget and the timesheets but also on timesheet to follow the projects activity.

As part of the on-boarding, I realized two tutorials to help people learn how to timesheet correctly. With these tutorials, the new collaborators can get how the timesheeting works and why it’s necessary for vente-privee and for vpTech.

With the governance team, we take care of the timesheet reception, the CRA and we make sure to have 100% of timesheet every month.

I’m also centralizing and treating European team timesheets to send them to accounting team.

Finally, I worked on expenses and travel policy for France, Amsterdam and Poland. I did an audit about expenses from 2017 for France with the help of Lisa, for Amsterdam and also for France every month, starting in 2018.

4. What does this experience bring me ? What would I like for the next 6 months?

Thanks to this VIE, I’m working abroad for an innovative company in the digital field. I learn a lot in the data analysis field and about the IT department organization.

It allows me also to help people with a tool which will evolve soon and to see how works vente-privee behind the webshop!

I appreciate the diversity of the subjects and the fact that I can work with managers, product owners, developers but also with marketing, and transformation departments.

I would like to work directly with my intermediaries more frequently and to develop an effective professional relationship to gain more efficiency and speed in my work. I would like also to work on communication actions to talk about the evolution and the work of the governance in vpTech and in vente-privee.

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