MEETUP - Warsaw SysOps/DevOps #37

Serverless running functions on Kubernetes with kubeless

jan 17

SysOps/DevOps Polska Warszawa

During our next meeting we will discuss about kubeless. It’s serveless framework that operate on kubernetes and are gaining more and more popularity. Throughout the session we will explain how to create an application in kubeless and how to solve different problems such as authentication, secret management or event management. All this based on the experience of vente-privee employees

Isaac Dominguez – computer engineer with 10 years of experience in system administration and 2 years of experience as a devops engineer. He is an AWS Cloud ninja and I like so much the cloud computing.

Javier Castro – computer engineer with 6 years of experience in software development and 4 years of experience as a devops engineer, Javier is a passionate about CI-CD pipelines and automation.

where ?

Inflancka 4b, Varsovie, Pologne

how ?

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