MEETUP - Audensiel in Nantes

.NETCore beyond Microsoft Windows

jan 23


Our first Nantais meetup of the year will be held at Audensiel!
The program of this event:
– “.NETCore beyond Microsoft Windows” by Mehran Kordi at vpTech
– * announcement coming soon* by Bastien Besson from Audensiel

Finally, it will be around pizzas and drinks that we meet again to talk about the Tech, but not only!

— But who is vpTech?
Within private sales, we are one of the largest Tech communities in the retail sector in Europe.
Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Barcelona, ​​Brussels, Lausanne, Tel Aviv … Today, more than 1000 employees work in the AGILE method on a panel of projects that are all more innovative than the others.
All the technos, all the personalities, all the languages ​​and a certainty: WE WIN AS A TEAM.

— AUDENSIEL is multi-specialist with structures dedicated respectively to Finance, Scientific and Technical Computing, Health and Digital Transformation:
This flexible and responsive organization has enabled us to implement solutions and responses adapted to the requirements and challenges of major clients.
We also support our customers in their systems evolutions and their thoughts on products and solutions.
We opted for a rigorous technological approach based on high technologies that allows optimum engineering advice. Each profile is unique and has real versatility.

where ?

4 Rue Gresset, Nantes, France

how ?

Tram station : Médiathèque


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