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oct 18 | oct 19

DevFest Nantes

GDG DevFests are large scale community-run events that can offer speaker sessions across Google product areas, all-day hack-a-thons or both.
Each GDG DevFest will be inspired by and uniquely tailored to the needs of the developer community that hosts it. But while no two events will be exactly alike, each GDG DevFest will, at its core, be powered by a shared belief that when developers come together to exchange ideas, amazing things can happen.

where ?

Centre des Congrès de Nantes, Rue de Valmy, Nantes, France

how ?

By train
Nantes is only a 2 hour Train ride away from Paris (TGV from Gare Montparnasse).
Once you are at the Nantes Railway station, take the Exit ‘Gare Sud’: the Cité des Congrès is only 10 minute walk away.

By tram
By tram, take the Line 1: Tram station ‘Duchesse Anne – Château des Ducs de Bretagne’, it is the Tram station after the TGV Train station (Exit: sortie Nord), heading into the City Centre. The venue La Cité des Congrès is only a 5 minute walk away from the tram station.

By the Busway, take the Line 4 of the Busway and alight at the ‘Cité des Congrès’ stop.

By car
La Cité des Congrès is in the City Centre of Nantes. We suggest to those planning on driving into Nantes, to park their cars at one of the ‘Park and Ride’ (usually free parking) near a major Tram/ Busway station. You can then take Public Transport to get to the Venue. There are also Paid parking options available.
La Cité des Congrès proposes a Paid Parking that has 450 parking lots.
Here is a list of the Park and Ride stations: Interactive map or on the website of the Tan, the Nantes Public Transport company.

By plane
The airport is at the periphery of the town. To go to the Cité des Congrès, you can use the Bus Service (20 minute ride), taxis or rent a car.

By rocket
A Spaceport will be available on top of the Cité des Congrès to land. We will take care of your rocket during the festival.

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