Meetup SysOps/DevOps Poland

june 21 | june 21

SysOps/DevOps Poland

SysOps/DevOps Poland is the largest Polish community of system, network and DevOps administrators.

Members of this community are involved in the design and implementation of high availability environments based on Linux and Windows, network infrastructure, server and cloud solutions, optimization and automation, implementation of tools to facilitate the work of developers, data recovery and IT security issues (post-attack analysis, pentests, security audits).

SysOps/DevOps Poland meetups are regularly organized in 5 cities: Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Gdansk and Poznan!
Members exchange knowledge, inspire each other and look for solutions for the most interesting tech-cases together.

where ?

Inflancka 4b, Varsovie, Pologne

how ?

Metro Centrum
Entry is on the left of Green Cafe Nero

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